TORO ZX Commercial V-Twin Engine


TORO V-Twin Engine

This cutaway ZX engine is on display for your examination in our showroom at B T South

We are now in year 5 with the TORO ZX and have become very confident in this engine at B T South after having sold over 600 pieces of equipment power by the ZX. It's key features include:

• Two Barrel Metal Alloy Carburetor

• 3 Ring Automotive Style Pistons

• Cast Iron Sleeved Cylinders

• 5 Bolt Heads

• Gaskets on all Engine Seams (in lieu of silicone cement)

• Cross Drilled Oil Sump Webbing. Allows more complete draining during oil change

• Pressurized Lubrication with spin on oil filter

• Easy Oil Change System. No tools required to change oil

• Two Stage Air Filtration w/Self cleaning feature to extend air filter life

• Cast Alloy Valve Covers

• Cast Alloy Intake Manifold

• Manufacturer Warranty: Varies based on host machine and maintenance kit promotion participation. Up to 5 Years / 750 Hours Commercial Use. 

The TORO ZX 708cc 24.5 HP V-Twin Engine hit the market in Spring of 2015. In 2017 a 22.5 HP version was released which was the same engine with a different carburetor. In 2018 a 24.5 HP version with canister air filtration was released as well as a canister upgrade kit available for the other models. The canister air filter does not filter air any better, but it allows longer service intervals between filter changes which is popular with commercial landscapers who quickly put a lot of hours on their equipment. 

2019 marks the fifth year of the TORO ZX engine and all three versions continue to be offered in fourteen different TORO zero turn models of the TimeCutter & Titan HD across the 2019 TORO Zero Turn lineup.

Managing your fuel is an important part of maintaining your mower's performance and reliability.

Fuel Can Eagle 5gal

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