SCOUT | Smart & Mighty GPS Tracker

Allowing you to KNOW what you DON'T KNOW now!


It starts with a cutting edge GPS box about the size of a Zippo lighter.

But it's more than GPS it has:

Backup Battery



Motion Sensor / Accelerometer

Scout Size 2


Scout works on IOS, Android or any Web Browser

Scout Apps

Put Scout on just about anything you want to keep up with.







Scout Hosts

What does it DO?      How does it WORK?      What does it COST?

Scout can tell you simple things like:

Where it is right now

How fast it is moving

Where it has been

But Scout can do much more:

Setup Geo Zones

Then you can choose to be alerted when your Scout goes into or out of each zone. And Scout will keep a list of each entry and exit date/time for four months.

A homeowner might setup their home property as a zone and then choose to be alerted if their lawnmower leaves their property. 

A landscaper might setup each of the properties where they have mowing contracts as zones. Then might have Scout log everytime they enter and leave each property. With this information they could figure the average amount of time they are spending at a property to judge profitability and pricing. 

A parent might want to be alerted anytime their son's car exceeds 70MPH.

A customer's complaint that your crew & equipment never showed up at their site, could easily be confirmed or refuted.

When dispatch receives a call asking for a pickup, they can see if there is already a truck in the area, because all their trucks have Scout.

A rental equipment company can confirm when equipment left their place of business and when it returned.

A parent could be alerted that their child left school campus.

A pet owner could be alerted that their dog is at the neighbors house.

Scout Features Zones

Scout App Zone

A motorcycle owner might want to be alerted if someone is tampering with their bike.
Scout  ATV Movement Alert
History Feature

Scout keeps a history of time direction and speed for four months, after which the data is deleted.

Scout Trails
Sharing Information

Share your Scout’s location information, notification settings, and assign levels of access for multiple devices and accounts: friends, family, crew leaders, headquarters, etc.
Scout Share Location Access

Hardware: $99 and has a lifetime warranty

Software: Included at no charge

Monthly Service: can be purchased 1 month at a time with no contract or in longer terms up to 5 years at at time.

1 Month @ $14.99
~ 2.05¢/hr

24 Mo @ $270
($11.25/mo) ~ 1.54¢/hr

36 Mo A $350
($9.72/mo) ~ 1.33¢/hr

48 Mo @ $450
($9.38/mo) ~ 1.28¢/hr

60 Mo @ $550
($9.17/mo) ~ 1.25¢/hr

Additional discounts are available for fleets of 50 units or more.

Suspend service as needed for seasonal equipment without charge.
Dollar Sign
Made in USA

Customer Service in USA
Scout Made in USA
Customer Service & Warranty

If a problem with your Scout can't be resolved quickly over the phone then a replacement Scout will be sent to you with a prepaid label for you to send your old one back.

The Scout can receive firmware updates over the air so it stays up to date with the latest software.
Scout Lifetime Warranty

A thought for business owners: Try quickly estimating the cost per hour consumed by a piece of riding equipment such as a zero turn. There is the cost of the equipment itself divided over its life, the cost of fuel, the cost or value of the person riding it, maintenance, insurance & etc.  Now, would it be worth 2 cents an hour to know where your equipment is, where it has been, how long you are spending on each job, and the piece of mind that if it is stolen you can track it?

Here is a question: If someone said they cut your costs by 2 cents per hour, would you even take them seriously? It's a tiny tiny amount of money relative to your other operation costs, yet it is more than the cost of Scout with all its potential benefit.