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To select the right safe it is important to know the options 

For most people, a safe is a once in a lifetime purchase, so it's not like buying a car where you can get the sunroof next time. It's important to think through your needs and choose the right safe to have no regrets. It starts with thinking about everything you will want to store. It doesn't just have to be a jewelry safe or a gun safe for things people might steal, but also a fire safe to protect things valuable to you like photo albums or legal documents from destruction by fire.

At Branson Tractor South we strive to provide you with as much information as possible to help you make each choice:

  • Size
  • Lock & Mechanism
  • Steel Type & Thickness
  • Steel Door Plate & Steel Liner Options
  • Fire Resistance
  • Dehumidifier
  • Lighting
  • Aesthetics & Ergonomics
  • Delivery & Installation
  • VALUE - Weighing all of the above with cost and benefit to maximize your bang for the buck

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The showroom pictures you see posted are at a time of year when we allocate about half of our main showroom to safes & vaults. That time of year is typically late October through mid February. Other times of year we still have safes for you to view but they will be fewer and some of them not in the main showroom.

The Order / Purchase Process

It can be as simple as you walk in and see what you want and buy it. But most people have a few questions and in return we often have some questions for you that can help us to point out pros and cons of different options for you to consider.

More than half of our Fort Knox sales are special orders where as nearly all of our Liberty sales are "in stock" items. With Liberty, safes are made and waiting for dealers to order and come in certain predetermined configurations. Their method of distribution to dealers and discount structure is one where large orders are encouraged. In short, if we don't have in stock the Liberty you want or an opportunity for it to ship as part of a larger order, then we are not going to be your best option for that particular safe.

Fort Knox on the other hand has a completely different process. Every Fort Knox is built according to the way it is ordered. The possible combinations are nearly limitless.

  • 9 vault size options
  • 4 steel body thickness options
  • 4 steel steel door plate thickness options
  • 4 interior steel liner thickness options
  • 3 types of steel for the interior liner
  • 3 levels of fire protection
  • 8 interior modular shelving layout options
  • 5 interior fabric options
  • 4 lock options
  • 3 hardware trim colors
  • 18 paint colors
  • 6 door graphics options
  • 3 hinge options
  • hinge orientation - left or right
  • corner bolt option
  • door storage options
  • dehumidifier options
  • lighting options

Fort Knox's models starting with the least expensive are: Maverick, Defender, Protector, Executive, Guardian, Titan, & Legend. All but the Maverick, are basically the same safe with different standard options. That is, you could buy a Defender with steel thickness upgrades and accessory upgrades that make it the same safe as the Protector. So, rather than having you select a particular model, we would typically talk to you about the features you want and then figure out the most economical way to get to that feature set.

The Maverick is a lower cost model that does not have all the same upgrade options as the other Fort Knox models. For example every Maverick is made with external hinges on the right side only. While it is not the same level of safe as the Defender and other models above it, it is a great safe and way way better than 99% of the safes you would see in most retail stores.

Standard Features of the FORT KNOX Maverick:

  • Full Door Plate
  • 0.39" of combined plate steel thickness on the door edge
  • Gear drive rack & pinion locking bolt mechanism
  • 1.5" Diameter locking bolts with no plastic grommets around the bolt (steel against steel)
  • Multi-Bearing Hard Plate Behind the Lock

The overwhelming majority of safes you see in stores will not have even one of these features much less all five. Yet the Maverick is the starting point for the Fort Knox brand, an excellent safe and excellent value.

Price Range:

Most of the Liberty Safes we sell are in the $600 to $3000 price range.

Most of the Fort Knox safes we sell are in the $2000 - $6000 price range.