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To select the right safe it is important to know the options 

For most people, a safe is a once in a lifetime purchase, so it's not like buying a car where you can get the sunroof next time. It's important to think through your needs and choose the right safe to have no regrets. It starts with thinking about everything you will want to store. It doesn't just have to be a jewelry safe or a gun safe for things people might steal, but also a fire safe to protect things valuable to you like photo albums or legal documents from destruction by fire.

At B T South we strive to provide you with as much information as possible to help you make each choice:

  • Size
  • Lock & Mechanism
  • Steel Type & Thickness
  • Fire Resistance
  • Moisture Control
  • Lighting
  • Aesthetics & Ergonomics
  • Delivery & Installation
  • VALUE - Weighing all of the above with cost and benefit to maximize your bang for the buck

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The showroom pictures you see posted are at a time of year when we allocate about half of our main showroom to safes & vaults. That time of year is typically late October through mid February. Other times of year we still have safes for you to view but they will be fewer and some of them not in the main showroom.

The Order / Purchase Process

It can be as simple as you walk in and see what you want and buy it. But most people have a few questions and in return we often have some questions for you that can help us to point out pros and cons of different options for you to consider.

Have you ever wondered why all the major US safe companies seem to be in Utah?

A half century or so ago when it was the norm for homeowners to store their firearms in the living room behind a glass pane in a wooden cabinet, Prosteel of Provo Utah, steered things in a new direction by making the first safe specifically intended for homeowners to store their firearms. Pro-Steel later entered into a mutually exclusive relationship with Browning that endures to this day, hence the name Browning Prosteel Safes. Years later an employee left Browning Prosteel to start Fort Knox, years after that an employee left Fort Knox to start Liberty Safe, all of which are in the Provo Utah area.

Browning Prosteel Safes

If there is one thing that sets Browning safes apart it is the efficient and ergonomic use of space in the safe. No safe maker allows you to get more stuff in the same space and make it as easy to access as Browning. Compared to the industry norm, their fire ratings are considerable more conservative and their construction more robust. Some of their storage innovations include: 

  • Storing a row of long guns on the door which gives you two front rows of longs guns and usually more than doubles the number of long guns that can be directly accessed without having to move another long gun out of the way. 
  • Recessed areas in the door called scope savers which make room for the rifles scope without the gun having to take up two or more spaces like it would in other safes. 
  • Cantilevered racking off the back wall eliminates vertical dividers which frees up space and makes the space more adaptable to more efficiently store anything and everything.

If you've ever seen an antique refrigerator that had little or no storage on the door and just very basic shelves inside, that's kind of what other safes look like after having looked inside a Browning Prosteel Safe. 

Fort Knox Vaults

Fort Knox has the well deserved reputation of being the best. Of course every safe company has variance in their offerings from one model to another, but one thing that sets Fort Knox apart from the rest of the industry is the high standard at which they start even with their most basic entry level safe, the Fort Knox Maverick. It boasts 3/8" of combined steel thickness on the door's edge as well as a rack & pinion gear drive mechanism, 1.5" bolts and ball bearing hard plate behind the lock. It has a fire rating of 75 minutes / 350F maximum internal temp fire rating, measured by the most conservative standards in the industry. These features and performance make Fort Knox's most basic safe start at a point that most safe companies only reach at the highest end of their line, a level of quality that many brands never reach at all. As you move to the top of the Fort Knox line of safes, they are unparalleled.

Liberty Safes

Liberty Safe is the most popular safe in the country for good reason. It's because Liberty delivers basic security at an affordable price year after year. Their success as the best selling safe brand in the country speaks for itself. 

Price Range:

Most of the Browning Safes we sell are in the $900 to $5,000 price range.

Most of the Fort Knox safes we sell are in the $2,000 - $6,000 price range.

Most of the Liberty Safes we sell are in the $600 to $3,000 price range.

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