Folding Knives

There are not that many places these days where you can browse quality pocket knives. But at B T South it’s easy to find a wide variety of well made folding knives in The Knife Room.

A great knife is the combination of innovative design, fine materials and precision manufacturing. 


Brands Include:

  • Benchmade
  • Chris Reeve
  • Emerson
  • William Henry

The Knife Room at B T South

KnifeRoom 2018

WH b06-shroud-1
WH B12 cottonmouth1
WH b30-fire-ball-1
WH B30 Primal
WH B12 WH_Twin_Wood
WH b30-luna-1
WH B30 Flash a
WH b12-copperbutte-1
WH c15-marlin

About once a year we have a free lasermarking event for Benchmade Knives in our store.

If you would like to be informed of this event the next time it occurs then email us ( with your: 

Name, City, State, Zip & Email and make the subject line: Lasermark Event

LaserMarked Blade