Employee Compensation

In an effort to give employees a stake in the company's success, part of the pay is based on performance and profitability.

Paying this way is truly a good thing for everyone. On those days when we are slammed with customers and super busy all day, instead of having that thought of "I'm doing all this extra work for the same pay I would be earning as if it were slow", instead you are happy to be slammed because you know it is going to show up in your pay check. You are happy to see customers walk in the door, customers can tell you are happy to see them, which makes them return. When you plan to take time off, you try to avoid being gone during our busiest times because you understand missing more business is missing more earnings. 

What do we mean by minimum opportunity of $29,000 per year? 

When you figure our store schedule and coming in a little before open, staying a little after close, taking a few weeks off at Christmas and the other holidays we take and some personal days off that most employees will occasionally need, you will probably work around 2500 hours per year. Keep in mind that you will not likely clock out for lunch. As long as you are on site, willing to set your sandwich down and help a customer if needed, then we keep on paying you through lunch. What we are guaranteeing is that for your first year you will average a minimum of $11.60 in earnings per hour worked, which based on 2500 hours would make your minimum earnings $29,000.

What if you don't work a whole year?

Regardless of the reason for your early departure, we will calculate your earnings and if it comes to less than $11.60 per hour worked, we will make up the difference. 

What about the second year?

You won't need it. By then you should be earning well over $11.60.

What do you mean by "part of the pay is based on performance and profitability"

  • Direct Commissions vary a little based on the position. For example someone working the parts counter ringing up customers for belts, blades, pulleys and etc. would earn direct commissions based on the profits from the sales they entered. Another example would be a mechanic who would earn direct commissions from work they performed that is billed on invoices to customers. 

  • Indirect commissions would be for things that are more of a joint effort. For example the sale of large items like zero turn mowers have many hands involved. The sale alone for big purchases often involves multiple visits by the customer asking questions to multiple staff members. But the mower also had to be unloaded off the truck by someone, taken out of the crate by someone, adjusted, inspected and put on the floor by some one, priced by someone, invoiced by someone, usually financed by someone, the customer trained on the equipment by someone. These types of sales do result in commissions but they are shared commissions based each employees involvement in the process in general. This eliminates potential tension between employees over big sale situations like this: "I spent a lot of time with the customer the first time they visited and when they came back they were ready to buy and the other salesman got to quickly write up the sale." Commissions are not impacted by "who" writes up the sale on a zero turn mower, but they are impacted by the sale occurring.

  • Hourly pay is also part of compensation as well in two ways. 1) Literally hourly pay. 2) Shared commissions are weighted based on hours worked. That is, your portion of zero turn mower commissions in July will be weighted by how many hours you worked in July. It would not be fair for someone who vacationed half the month to get the same share as someone who worked all month. On the other hand, direct commissions, like selling parts at the parts counter or a mechanic's labor being billed, are not weighted by hours worked. 

Is there a company Health Insurance Benefit.

We have not found any significant advantage of doing group / company healthcare over individual options and thus do not offer group insurance. However if you wish to acquire health coverage as an individual, then BTSouth will help you with the premium at a rate of up to $2000/year. You may be asking what kind health coverage can you get for $2000/year. Some of us, including the owner, are using healthcare sharing networks such as CHM which at a cost of $150/mo for their gold program is an excellent value for the benefits offered. 

Are there other Benefits?

Other than some miscellaneous things like product purchase discounts and getting paid through lunch; No there are not.